A private investment firm with passion, innovation and results in the DNA

  • 1.Inspiration

    “Our favorite holding period is forever.”

    Warren Buffett

    (American business magnate, investor and philanthropist)

  • 2.Our Ambition

    We want to change the world.

    And the way that the things are made!

  • 3.Why & How

    • EntrepreneurshipIndividual Desire
    • CreativeEnviroment
    • MakeBusinessPassion
    • DiversityLeadership
    • SocialMediaNew Way
    • MeritocracyFair Play
  • 4.The Firm

    We want to see the Future.

    Not only investing but, having a hand-on approach, creating value in our main projects.

    Changing the status quo using high tech, diversity, leadership styles, and passion.

    Open opportunities for new market, ideas, business, carriers and entrepreneur profiles.


Our Main Approach


Fintech and Insurtech are a market trend and a consumer demand. Our Insurance platform and all its satellites will provide a pleasent experience to the end-user.


Collaborative & Tech Communities

This segment exchange knowledge and sometimes resources between the projects, because “share” is in their DNA.

All the companies inside the Woomb are part of the new worldwide market, the collaborative and tech communities economy.

Woomb has the ambition to generate an expertise and way of work that can be scalable and attrackt we to bring more hight pontual potential project, to our GROUP.


Know the magic!

Here we have a multi-skill team working focused on thinking developing and executing ideas that will change the world. All projects born at Woomb Platform migrate to Magic Hat after a testing period.

To be part of this segment the project and the people involved need to disrupt paradigms and be linked with the magic of the new!

Magic HAT has 4 spots Right now we have 2 seats available.


Investing in happy moments!

With restaurant chains and the soccer team supporters’ community, this segment want to create opportunities, an open space to collect data and interact with the public in their social, family and fun time.


Together we are stronger!

We believe that together we are stronger. Our team of experts can help to analyze and find the best projects, helping to manage it as well. That have potential to spread accessible and affordable options.


Create opportunity to everybody

We support and help with training and consulting, small and individual entrepreneurs to develop their own business or career in the financial and insurance market. We connect them to companies that want to contract their services.


What really matters!

We believe that all beings have the right to access health care, in case of emergency, disease or only preventive.

We do investments on initiatives that have potential to spread accessible and affordable options.




Our Amazing Team

Andre Gregori CEO

Venture Capital and Advisory, Technology driven, focused in 5 areas: Education, financial products distribution, health and preventive medicine, logistic and sharing economy.

Economist graduated – Universitá Bocconi, Milan, Italy

Bachelor in Law – FMU-SP

Post graduated in Business Administration – Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV)

Attended OPM (Owners and President Management) – Harvard Business School

20 years as Senior Executive experienced expert in Banking Insurance and Reinsurance, Infrastructure and Capital Market.

João Audi COO

Production Engineer, Economist, Master in Administration, Post-Graduated in MKT & Business in Kellogg and INSEAD, former CEO & COO in different industries

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